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PRICELIST 7UP(+190.00)             ABCTRANS(-0.50)             ACADEMY(+0.95)             ACCESS(+5.36)             AFRIPRUD(+2.80)             AGLEVENT(+1.40)             AIICO(+0.95)             AIRSERVICE(+2.08)             ASHAKACEM(+22.50)             ASOSAVINGS(+0.50)             BECOPETRO(+0.50)             BERGER(+11.24)             BETAGLAS(+36.00)             CADBURY(+35.05)             CAP(+41.00)             CAVERTON(+3.42)             CCNN(+11.50)             CHAMPION(-5.65)             CHAMS(+0.50)             CILEASING(+0.52)             CONOIL(+40.85)             CONTINSURE(+1.00)             CORNERST(+0.50)             COSTAIN(+0.75)             CUSTODYINS(-4.00)             CUTIX(+1.50)             DANGCEM(-170.00)             DANGFLOUR(-3.62)             DANGSUGAR(-6.64)             DIAMONDBNK(-4.10)             DNMEYER(+0.76)             DUNLOP(+0.50)             ETERNA(+2.45)             ETI(-21.75)             EVANSMED(-1.05)             FBNH(-7.99)             FCMB(+3.00)             FIDELITYBK(-1.65)             FIDSON(+3.33)             FLOURMILL(+33.50)             FO(+190.00)             GLAXOSMITH(+44.00)             GNI(+0.50)             GUARANTY(-26.90)             GUINNESS(-152.00)             HONYFLOUR(+3.50)             IKEJAHOTEL(+3.65)             INTBREW(+19.50)             INTENEGINS(+0.50)             JAPAULOIL(+0.50)             JBERGER(+48.50)             LINKASSURE(+0.51)             LIVESTOCK(+2.39)             MANSARD(+2.70)             MAYBAKER(+1.50)             MBENEFIT(+0.50)             MOBIL(+150.00)             MRS(+50.54)             NAHCO(+5.00)             NASCON(+8.00)             NB(-144.00)             NCR(+11.02)             NEIMETH(+1.22)             NEM(-0.73)             NESTLE(+854.00)             NIGERINS(+0.50)             NPFMCRFBK(+1.05)             OANDO(+15.70)             OKOMUOIL(+28.99)             PHARMDEKO(+2.21)             PORTPAINT(+4.90)             PRESCO(+35.00)             PZ(-31.94)             REDSTAREX(+4.75)             ROYALEX(+0.50)             RTBRISCOE(+0.77)             SEPLAT(-342.00)             SKYEBANK(-2.28)             STACO(+0.50)             STANBIC(-24.98)             STERLNBANK(-2.01)             TANTALIZER(+0.50)             TOTAL(+165.00)             TRANSCOHOT(+7.86)             TRANSCORP(-2.70)             TRANSEXPR(+1.34)             UAC-PROP(+10.20)             UACN(+44.49)             UBA(-4.66)             UBCAP(-1.37)             UBN(+9.35)             UNILEVER(+43.50)             UNIONDAC(+0.50)             UNITYBNK(+2.46)             UPL(+6.03)             VANLEER(+11.48)             VITAFOAM(+5.75)             VONO(+1.19)             WAPCO(-101.00)             WAPIC(+0.50)             WEMABANK(-0.93)             ZENITHBANK(-19.36)            
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Welcome to Quantum Securities
The products and services on offer at Quantum Securities Limited are specially crafted to meet the needs of our customers. Since the company is essentially a retail investment bank, its products cut across a very wide range and should appeal to all astute investors. The ranges of products on offer by the company may be classified as:
  • Stock Broking
  • Funds Management
  • Financial Consulting
Market Information

Trade Info: 3rd July 2015

Volume of Trades:   138,545,331 
Value of Trades:   1,545,275,163.88
No of Deals:   2,790
Security Price Change Opening Price Closing Price
7UP 7.00 183.00 190.00
NESTLE 4.00 850.00 854.00
UACN 1.99 42.50 44.49
CCNN 0.50 11.00 11.50
PORTPAINT 0.23 4.67 4.90
Security Price Change Opening Price Closing Price
ABCTRANS -0.01 0.51 0.50
FBNH -0.01 8.00 7.99
NEM -0.01 0.74 0.73
SKYEBANK -0.01 2.29 2.28
FIDELITYBK -0.01 1.66 1.65
Security Volume Sold Deals Close Price
UBA 18,406,667 157 4.66
ZENITHBANK 15,751,383 149 19.36
FBNH 14,360,188 260 7.99
BECOPETRO 9,760,525 1 0.50
ACCESS 9,075,213 246 5.36
Vision & Mission

To be the leading non-bank financial institution in Nigeria.

To assist our stakeholders obtain quantum growth in their financial assets as well as help attain financial stability through the best financial services and advice.

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